Tuesday, April 9, 2019

"How Davy Crockhead Conquered America" by Dick Ayers (1955)

Charleton's answer to MAD Comics (and later Magazine) was a publication that couldn't decide on its name. Sometimes it's titled Eh!, sometimes Crazy, sometimes Crazy, Man, Crazy and sometimes From Here to Insanity. Sometimes a single issue carries more than one title, and sometimes a different title is referred to inside than the one you see on the cover. Crazy, right? 

Anyway, this tale, credited to Dick Ayers, appeared in a mag calling it From Here to Insanity #12, published in October 1955, and uploaded to comicbookplus by "tilliban".  Compared to MAD, the attempted humor is amazingly lame, but it is aimed at Old Davy, and as a cultural artyfact, I suppose it must be seen.

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