Saturday, May 11, 2019

SPACE PATROL Stamps and Diplomatic Pouch (circa 1952)

These cool stamps come to us from deep within the archives of Honorary Space Patrol Commander Larry Paschelke. They were included in the official Space Patrol Top Secret Diplomatic Pouch, issued sometime in the early '50s, along with a stamp album, stationery, and United Planet coins, a coin album and paper money. More from the amazing Paschelke Collection coming soon!


Howard said...

Holy cow! Google reveals sellers (past and present) on Ebay that are peddling or have peddled some of these. Wow, the prices!

Cap'n Bob said...

Never heard of it but it's really keen.

Mike Britt said...

Loved SPACE PATROL and hated Hot Ralston cereal...the crap that you had to force down in order to get the trading card, the magic space picture or the interplanetary plastic coin! Thinking back now I believe the premiums were also available in Rice Chex and Wheat Chex; they weren't so bad.