Thursday, July 4, 2019

STOLEN: The Declaration of Independence! (1948)

Remember the movie National Treasure 2, where someone tried to snatch the Declaration of Independence? Scary berries, right? Well, it wasn't the first time. Here's the lowdown on an earlier near-disaster, from the 30th issue of 4Most Comics, back in Sept-Oct 1948. The art is by Jim Wilcox, and the scanning by darkmark/josemas. We can thank our lucky stars and stripes Dick Cole was on the Johnny-on-the-spot! (NOTE: Can you answer the trivia questions without peeking? If your name is Cap'n Bob Napier, you can. But what if it isn't?)


Rick Robinson said...

Meanwhile, Trump is having a big ol' parade.

Cap'n Bob said...

I-I-I-I Love a Parade!

But what a dumb bunch of crooks. They should have shot the cadets right off the bat.