Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Word from Our Sponsor: CAPTAIN MARVEL Wrist Watch

I had a Zorro watch as a kid, a Spiro Agnew watch as a hippie, and Davy Crockett and Gene Autry watches as a collector, but never one of these. I want one. 


TC said...

Never saw one of these before.

My impression is that there was not a lot of merchandising associated with the original Captain Marvel. The comic was popular, but maybe toy companies did not want to get involved in deals with the publisher, because they were afraid of getting tangled up in the DC vs. Fawcett (aka Superman vs. Captain Marvel) copyright lawsuit.

Cap'n Bob said...

First time I've seen a comic book ad ask for a 10% Federal Tax.

Evan Lewis said...

There were quite a few Marvel items offered in ads in the funny books, which I'll be featuring somewhere down the line, but apparently not a lot of stuff in stores.