Friday, September 20, 2019

Forgotten Stories: "Waterfront Wildcat" by Robert Turner (1944)

Is this tale from Blue Streak Comics #8 (1944) by the same Robert Turner who penned pulp stories in the forties and mystery paperbacks  in the sixties? Seems likely, but I don't know. But this guy did quite a few other comic book text fillers, and scripted some fully illustrated comic stories too. You be the judge.


Todd Mason said...

Reprinted, perhaps pirated, from CRASH COMICS, Nov 1940.

Professional History
Robert Turner was a prolific pulp novelist who wrote several stories for detective magazines, crime-ridden paperbacks and even sold stories for early TV shows. He also had a comic book career, and worked for Quality Comics, creating the female heroine Wildfire.

So, possibly...

Evan Lewis said...

You're right, Todd. Same story, same art, appears in Crash Comics #5.