Saturday, April 4, 2020

NERO WOLFE Comic Strip - The FOURTH Sunday Adventure (1957)

 Once again (and sadly, for the last time) we are indebted to Mr. Ger Apeldoorn for the color Sundays presented here. Also sadly, some of the black and white reproductions found in newspaper archives are of lousy quality. If anyone out there can offer better replacements, I'd be mighty pleased to post them here.

May 12, 1957

 May 19, 1957

May 26, 1957

June 2, 1957

June 9, 1957

June 16, 1957

June 23, 1957

June 30, 1957

July 7, 1957

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Smurfswacker said...

I'll be durned. Most of these were pencilled by Mike Sekowsky.

Evan Lewis said...

Hm. If that's him, he seems better suited to this than to Justice League. I HATED his work on that when I was a kid.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I agree with Smurfswhacker. Not unusual. Mike Sekowsky deserves to be remembered for so much more than his JUstice League work. Even for DC he did some stuff that was a lot better. And then there are his many stries in the fifties for Standard, Timely and just about everyone else. The heiht of his career seems to have been in the late fifties, when he ghosted comic strips like this one, Sherlock Holmes and Flash Gordon and filled whole issue of Captain Flash and Trapped for Target. He could be too facile, but remains one of my favorite slick artists.