Sunday, May 31, 2020

Movie Posters of 1931 Ride Again!


Glen Davis said...

Some interesting things here. Guinn Williams never quite hit it big, did he?

It always seems weird to see things like the poster for Wild Women of the Borneo, as we all seem to view folks in the past of being real puritans.

Hamilton came out 90 years too early, I guess.

10 Nights in a Barroom would be a college movie now!

The Yellow Ticket looks interesting.

Otis Criblecoblis said...

I want to see ALL these films.

Otis Criblecoblis said...

I can't find this production of Ten Nights in A Barroom, but there is Ten Nights in A Bar-Room starring William Farnum that was released in 1931, produced by Willis Kent Productions.

Evan Lewis said...

Looks like BARROOM was an alternate title for the 1941 film CITADEL OF CRIME. Apparently the title confused the poster owner who listed it on Heritage (and me).