Wednesday, September 2, 2020

HAMMETT HERALD-TRIBUNE: The "Death in the Dark" Plagiarism Case (1933)

Chicago Tribune, Sept. 23, 1933

Opelousas Clarion News Oct. 19 1933

Winnipeg Tribune, Nov. 2, 1933

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 7, 1953


David Cranmer said...

I'm curious now to read a little Death in the Dark. Thanks for posting—fascinating history.

Evan Lewis said...

Me too, but couldn't find it for sale anywhere. Let me know if you score a copy.

Cap'n Bob said...

Does this mean we won't see Skylar Hobbs on the Grimpen Mire?

But seriously, folks, this is the first I've ever heard of this. Is it mentioned in any of the Hammett biographies?

Anonymous said...

There is an article here as well from the Kingston Daily Gleaner.