Tuesday, December 8, 2020

GRAHAM INGELS and The Duke in "The Ledger That Told the Truth" (1953)

This swell little ditty appeared in the final issue of the Manhunt comic book, #14, back in 1953. Michael Barnes is the culprit who posted it to comicbookplus.


Matthew Clark said...

The non EC horror stuff by Ingels always comes as a surprise. Freed from the constraints of EC's uniform page layout, and pre typed lettering at the top of each panel, his figures have a more fluid look to them. And each panel is less cluttered.

Evan Lewis said...

I believe there are other non-ECs out there. I'll be looking.

SangorShop said...

This was reprinted from Manhunt #10 June of 1948.
And yes, Ingles did a lot of comics prior to joining EC, mostly Fiction House, ME, and Pines-Standard-Nedor.