Thursday, January 21, 2021

The EARLE BERGEY Museum of Art

Okay, there's probably no such place, but there oughta be. And hopefully some of this stuff would be in there. 


Paul Herman said...

Hi Dave

Thanks for posting these beautiful pieces of art! Only thing is that the third image
Is definitely by PARKHURST and I think the sixth piece is by McCauley? I'm sure someone else will let us know for sure on that one. Regardless, I'd love to have any of these hanging on my walls!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul Herman: Yes, I spotted the Parkhurst too, but I believe all the rest are by Bergey. That sixth piece DOES look very McCauley-ish — I’d never noticed before — but it’s a Bergey too. It was originally the cover for STARTLING STORIES February 1952.

Anyhow — gorgeous stuff, great post. Keep these Pulp Cover Galleries coming.

— b.t.

Evan Lewis said...


Joshua David Bergey said...

Evan, thanks for celebrating my grandfather, Earle K. Bergey, by exhibiting a few iconic examples from his career as an American pulp fiction and paperback artist. The others are right about the Parkhurst. The Startling Stories canvas (February 1952) is actually signed "Bergey," and the hand is the artist's. My grandfather used his full name, Earle K. Bergey complete with the middle initial, as his professional name; that middle initial meant quite a lot him. And there is a chance of a dedicated museum some day. Stay tuned.

Paul Herman said...

Hi Joshua,

Thanks to you and b.t. for putting me straight. What I'd like to know is, when is your book
on your grandfather coming out? It's been quite a while since you told me you're working on it. Lots of us out here would be grateful when it does!

Joshua David Bergey said...

Paul Herman, hello, and yes it's been a long time! I hope these words find you well.

I'm grateful that no one told me how long a book on Bergey would take when I first started! I'm also grateful for your kind question and, of course, for the encouragement of many who are eager to know the technicolor story of my grandfather's life. The progress I am making is great; I was able to bring my research to completion last year, thanks to help from Bergey's last remaining contemporaries. To say his path was as impactful as it was dramatic is an understatement, and I'm eager to unveil what I've learned. I will definitely keep you posted when there's publication news! Feel free to check out