Sunday, May 30, 2021

Westerns Yuh Just' Might Mebbe Have Missed (1933)


Glen Davis said...

Tom Keene was a solid B-lister behind the likes of Jones, Steele, and McCoy.

Rex Bell is probably most famous for marrying Clara Bow.

Buddy Roosevelt's movies were cheap even for oaters of the time.

Cap'n Bob said...

Scarlet River featured Creighton Chaney, better known as Lon. Glen beat me to the punch on the Bell/Bow marriage.

Evan Lewis said...

I bow to such wisdom.

Matthew Clark said...

I don't know which is most surprising in this collection. The fact that Bob Steele and Gaby Hayes headlined a movie together, or to see Tim McCoy smiling and waving his stetson around like that?

I think I saw one of these Buck Jones films, where he plays a Texas Ranger in it. I was struck by how the opening scenes of this movie would match the formula for the opening scenes in any James Bond feature. This movie begins with an action sequence with Buck wrapping up some case he is on. Then he returns to Ranger Headquarters, where he flirts with the commander's secretary. Giving the sense that this isn't the first time they've exchanged one liners. Next, the Head Ranger calls Buck into his office. Where, like with M in the Bond films, he explains to Buck what the movie is going to be about. And then, stopping only for a short exchange with the secretary, Buck rides off on his next mission.