Thursday, September 23, 2021

Moments in Paperback History: LANCECON 1988

Wouldn't be LanceCon without Lance Casebeer.

The action begins.

A fine selection of sleaze.

Bruce Taylor shops. Tom Lesser talks.

Larry Paschelke, Judy Paschelke's hair, Frank Portwood's forehead, Richard Dix.

Booking it.

Perverting the nation's youth.

Yours truly surveys the scene.

The scene.

What it was all about: books.

Bruce Brenner with His Nibs.

Jim Rogers, probably working on his EQMM collection. 

Larry Paschelke, who loaned us Jim's EQMM collection.

The King of Paperbacks and his Court Jester.

It wasn't ALL paperbacks.

Not talking. Not drinking. Not booking. Not even smiling. NOT Bruce Taylor.

Whatever happened to that videotape? Must have some great blackmail material.

All photos, as usual, courtesy of Ace Photographer Arthur Scott!


Cap'n Bob said...

I guess I missed it that year.

Anonymous said...

I have pictures from the very first ones. Where is Berry Bernard? Mardi Kirklin

Anonymous said...

Mardi again. Did you know that the first paper book price guide was researched with Lance's collection?

Evan Lewis said...

Hey Mardi. Just saw your comments. I don't check these old posts very often. Yeah, I remember that tidbit about the price guide. All my photos come from Art Scott's collection. If you'd like the whole shebang, email me at And I'd love to see your pics of the first before-my-time LanceCons. -Dave

Evan Lewis said...

P.S. Barry would be here if Art had taken a good shoot of him. At present, Barry is finally retired, and doing swell.