Saturday, September 6, 2014

Toy Soldier Saturday: MPC WWII RUSSIANS

We've seen three examples of MPC Ringhand figures (Pirates, Spacemen and GIs), but the Multiple Plastics Co also did more traditional toy soldiers. In this field, they were sort of a second-rate imitator of Marx. Their figures sometimes looked awkward, and always less realistic. And sometimes, as with the figure below, they clung to their Ringhand roots. Somebody ought to hand this guy a rifle.

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Cap'n Bob said...

But why did they have holes in their bases, Uncle Davy?

Evan Lewis said...

Another throwback to the Ringhand days, son. These guys could be stuck onto some of the same large accessories, like pontoons, rafts, trucks and jeeps. Or, if you were playing cross-genre, they could sail in the pirate ship or Indian canoe, or ride in the cowboy wagon.