Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Black Dog Books After-Christmas Sale!

Two Nebels for $30. Save $15, HERE.
Over at the Black Dog Books site, Jolly old Tom Roberts is doing his dangdest to make your new year happy. In addition to the swell packages pictured here, he's even offering the option to roll your own. Pick any two $19.95 books for $30 (HERE), or any three for $45 (HERE).

Two Pendexters for $20. Save $10, HERE.

Three Rohmers for $40. Save $19, HERE.

Two Worts for $30. Save $10, HERE.

Two Best of Adventures for $44.95. Save $25, HERE.
Two Englands for $30. Save $20, HERE.


Richard said...

SOUTH OF SULU was excellent! I wish there was a second collection of the stories.

Richard said...

And now there is. Hey presto.