Monday, March 13, 2017

Frank McCarthy's 007 Art

Casino Royale

Doctor No

From Russia with Love



TC said...

I saw these on the covers of Bantam paperbacks in the very early 1970's.

Bantam also published Colonel Sun, by Kingsley Amis. Don't know offhand if the cover was by the same artist, but it looked like the same style.

Evan Lewis said...

You're right, TC. It does look very similar.

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't believe I've seen these before. Cool.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy was mostly known for Westerns, but he also did the covers for Bantam's James Bond paperbacks (including Colonel Sun). With Robert McGinnis, he also did poster art for the Bond movies Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

McCarthy's movie posters include war movies (The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare), Westerns (Once Upon a Time in the West, Lawman, Duel At Diablo, The Sons of Katie Elder), and a couple of sorta-kinda Westerns (Circus World, Africa-Texas Style, and Valley of Gwangi).

The Marshall Tucker Band used a McCarthy painting for the cover of their album, Long Hard Ride.

Shay said...

That last painting looks like Stanley Baker, dunnit?

Evan Lewis said...

It do indeed, Shay. Think he worked from photos?

And great info, Anonymous. I'll take a look at those posters.