Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hear it Here: The Sounds of the SILLY SURFERS and the WEIRD-OHS (1964)

In 1963, inspired by Revel''s success with a model kit of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's; Rat Fink, the Hawk Model Company began its line of Weird-Ohs and Silly Surfers. And after Allan Sherman recorded a song about Rat Fink, Hawk answered with a whole album of tunes about their own characters. This is, as it says on the label, "Music to Make Models By." The music on Side A, the album jacket says, is performed by "The Silly Surfers with Shary Richards, and Side B is credited to "The Weird-Ohs with Shary Richards." Surprisingly, some of these songs don't stink. Give them a a listen and see. 

Near as I can tell, Hawk never issued models of "Cowabunga Surf's Up" or "Gremmie Out of Control." Did they ever intend to? Beats me. Here are pics I grabbed off the 'net of the others. As you'll see, the skill and imagination of each individual modeler has a big impact on the result.

Woodie on a Surfari

Beach Bunny Catchin' Rays

Hodad Makin' the Scene with a Six-Pack

Hot-Dogger Hangin' Ten


Drag Hag

Endsville Eddie

Huey's Hut Rod




Matthew Clark said...

Big Daddy Roth!!

Cap'n Bob said...

Somewhere around here I have Davey, unbuilt.

Evan Lewis said...

I remember building Davey and Digger. "Davey" is probably the worst of these songs. Sorry.

Fleet Commander Johnson, Ret. said...

I built a Digger but never had the patience to paint it.

Nick said...

Wow,really cool.