Saturday, December 9, 2017

The MOST IMPORTANT BOOK of the Century?

Well, maybe not. But certainly the most important Hardboiled Detective book of the century, which is almost the same thing. 

Not only does it include every single one of the Op stories, together for the first time, but every one of them - also for the first time - features Hammett's original, unedited text. This includes the serialized Black Mask versions of "The Cleansing of Poisonville" (the novel that became Red Harvest) and The Dain CurseAs you may know, I already rate Red Harvest as Hammett's masterpiece, and this version is considered by some to be even better. 

Plus, there's a never-before-published unfinished Op story, and bonus commentary on many of the stories from Hammett himself. 

This book belongs in every home on the planet, and that includes yours. And the time to get it is now. If you order by Dec. 23 from, it'll run you a mere $16.37, and they'll ship it FREE. Take that, Amazon!


Rip Jagger said...

Thanks for the tip on this one. I need some hard-boiled reading.

Rip Off

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice. Thanks for the heads up. Gotta get this one

Cap'n Bob said...

Thanks, bunky, but I've already ordered it from Amazon. Or did I? I'll double-check.

Cap'n Bob said...

Turns out I hadn't ordered it yet. I just did from Target. Now a hacker can get my personal info.

Matthew Clark said...

Got to check this collection out from the library, and agree how great this book is. Not only does it reprint all the Op stories, but the collection is well organized. The stories are presented in order of publication, and set up in chapters that focus on the different editors who were at the helm of Black Mask during the years Hammett was published there. We tend to just think of Captain Shaw but there were two other editors before him. The collection looks at how Hammett's work changed over the years due to their influence. And even points out when he quit Black Mask. I gave it back to the library because I was tempted to hold on to it. But will be buying my own copy so as to really enjoy these stories.

Evan Lewis said...

That's how it happened with me too, Matthew.