Thursday, April 19, 2018

Moments in Paperback History: LanceCon '86 (Part 2)

Some of the usual suspects, featuring Bob Stuart in the muscle t-shirt

In our last thrilling episode (HERE) we viewed of few of the too many photos snapped by Art Scott at the 1986 paperbackpalooza in the fabled back yard of Lance Casebeer. Here are a few too many more. 

 Ray Torrence chinning with perpetual life-of-the-party Bruce Doerring (I miss that guy)

a ZZ Top Wannabe

 Bill Blackbeard (another guy I miss)

Art connosewer Cap'tn Bob Napier

 Yours truly (right) battling beards with Dale Goble. He won.

 Bruce Taylor showing some love for Ellison Wonderland

 Mr. Goble chats up a mystery woman

Our perpetual host (Jeez, I miss him, too) with the perpetual Fan Guest of Honor

Lance presides over the afterparty (at a bar, of course).


Rick Robinson said...

Those were the days, eh? Wish I'd been around then, instead of down in Tustin.

Evan Lewis said...

You'd have dug it, Mr. R. Three days of eating, drinking and booking.

Matthew Clark said...

Eating, Drinking and Booking! That should be the name of a get together you should throw here in PDX.

Matthew Clark said...

Or the name of a combination bookstore, restaurant and bar?

Cap'n Bob said...

Wow, what memories I wish I had. I know I was there by my photos but don't recall the incidents, or of Goble being there. I'm sure I never attended an afterparty.

Just one glitch. It's Cap'n.

Cap'n Bob said...

But wait! That looks like my shirt in the foreground of the afterparty photo. I'm losing, fer shure.

Art Scott said...

A nice slice of nostalgia, though you certainly took your time between episodes. Maybe in the interim you lost a few brain cells. That fellow in the 2nd pic is Ray Torrence (and no relation to Guy Townsend, or any other Townsend). Unlike too many in those pictures, Ray is still around, alive & well & still rooting out books, LPs, and anything else that might turn a buck.

Evan Lewis said...

How humiliatin'. I was lucky to get the Ray part right.