Sunday, January 27, 2019

Mickey Spillane's Second MIKE DANGER Story -FIXED- !!!

OK, this is embarrassing. I screwed up yesterday, posting the tenth page of this story twice and missing the eleventh. And I had no clue until Kenneth Fuchs spotted the mistake and alerted me on Facebook. (Thank you, sir!) Anyway, I'm reposting the entire story, this time will all the right pages (I hope). And I mean I really hope, because I triple-checked, and if I screwed up again I'm ready for the funny farm. 

Some time back I posted Mickey Spillane's first Mike Danger story (HERE), preceded by the earlier Mike Lancer adventre (HERE). Legend has it that Spillane wrote the two Danger stories back in 1946, and when they failed to see print, changed his hero's name to Hammer and wrote I, the Jury. Long after he'd hit the big time, the comic book publisher decided to run the Danger tales. This one appeared in Crime Detector #4, from July 1954, and was scanned for comicbookplus by the JVJ Archive, for which we are duly grateful. The guys who posted it wonder if the art may be by Sam Burlockoff. 

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