Sunday, February 24, 2019

For Sale: Otto Penzler's CARROLL JOHN DALY Books

I posted pics of Otto's Race Williams books last week, and you can view them here. There'll all up for bid on the Heritage auction site, which will close March 16 (and which I know about thanks to Mr. Art Scott). There are many, many more, on view HERE.

The White Circle, Daly's first novel, does not feature a detective, but the guy is very Race-like. I yapped about that one HERE. Daly is credited as only co-author on Two-Gun Gerta, but it reads like genuine Daly (reviewed HERE). The Smoking Gun and Ready to Burn star my favorite Daly hero Satan Hall (HERE and HERE). 

Murder Won't Wait (HERE) and The Emperor of Evil feature Vee Brown, a cross between Race Williams and Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Strang (HERE) is a crazy pulp hero. The Man in the Shadows is a return engagement with Daly's very first hardboiled detective, Three-Gun Terry Mack. And Murder at Our House, the only Daly book I do not possess (sob!), is a stand-alone mystery. 

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