Sunday, June 16, 2019

Another Portland Rogues Gallery

A couple of months back I posted some of Bob Stuart's fine photos of Portland area collector types. (You can still see them HERE.) Well, here are more of the usual suspects, this time from our May lunch at Szechuan Kitchen. Thanks, Bob, for not catching us with food in our mouths.

Don't fret about names yet. All will be revealed.

 Mike Britt and Larry Paschelke

Rob Edwards and Barry Bernard

Cheryl Britt and Bette Wald

 Frank Portwood, Dick Wald, Monte Wolverton, Carl Richter

 Tim Goodyear (far left), and friends

Debbie Cross (foreground), with June Edwards and Judy Paschelke

 Some of many wonders on hand for show and tell

Some weirdo brought this Roy Rogers playset 

Some weirdo (me) and Pat Rosenkranz

Paul Wrigley and Debbie Cross, Judy Paschelke and Bette Wald

Mike Britt and David Wilson


Rick Robinson said...

Looks like you all had a fun time. I'll make to one again one of these days.

Evan Lewis said...

How about Wednesday?

Cap'n Bob said...

Are you sure you didn't mix these up with your visit to the Gospel Mission?