Saturday, December 14, 2019

NERO WOLFE Comic Strip - The First Sunday Story (1956-57)

Dec. 2, 1956

The color strips here were shamelessly "borrowed" from the excellent blog of Mr. Ger Apeldoorn, and there will be more to come. But he doesn't have all of them, so we'll be seeing more black and white fillers as the strip rolls on. If anyone knows where I can find the rest of the color versions, Wolfedom and I would be mighty grateful.

Dec. 9, 1956

Dec. 16, 1956

Dec. 23, 1956

Dec. 30, 1956

Jan. 6, 1957

Jan. 13, 1957


Rick Robinson said...

These have been fun.

TracyK said...

I see that I have missed quite a few of these. When I am retired (in one week) I will come back and catch up.