Wednesday, April 8, 2020

HAMMETT HERALD-TRIBUNE: The Thin Man novel, Part 1 (1933-34)

Davenport Daily Times, Feb. 20, 1932

Burlington Free Press, July 8, 1933

Pittsburgh Press, Jan. 5, 1934

Los Angeles Times, Jan. 7, 1934

Appleton Post-Crescent, Jan. 13, 1934

Chattanooga Daily Times, Jan. 21, 1934

Pittsburgh Press, Jan. 21, 1934

Akron Beacon Journal, Jan. 27, 1934

Louisville Courier-Journal, Jan. 28, 1934

Tampa Tribune, Jan. 28, 1934


Paul Herman said...

I'd say Mrs. Parry of the Akron Beacon Journal must have been a teetotaler. I hope she never tried to read a pulp story by Roger Torrey! I guess she was so pissed off from all that drinking that she must have missed that word "erection" that other reviewers mention. And the reviewer from the Akron Beacon Journal wasn't any too impressed either. Well, what do they know anyway? I liked it!

Evan Lewis said...

Reading all those complaints made me thirsty. They did not, however, give me an erection.