Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Harvey Kurtzman's POTS-SHOT PETE Rides Again! (1950)

Yep, it's another rousing adventure with the sheriff of Yucca-Pucca Gulch. This one appeared in John Wayne Adventure Comics #5, back in Oct. 1950. We first met Pete when he battled the fearsome McYetnit Boys, right HERE. Thanks to movielover for the ComicBookPlus scan.


Glen Davis said...

It is surprising that John Wayne's comic book didn't do better. I think Tom Mix's comic did best, but Roy Rogers and Gene Autry did pretty well, with Ken Maynard and Buck Jones not far behind. Lash LaRue's comic did surprisingly well, lasting well after they stopped making B-westerns.

Did Randolph Scott even have a comic?

Cap'n Bob said...

No wonder I was always luke warm about Kurtzman.

Evan Lewis said...

Appears Randy never had his own book. One of his movies, though, Canadian Pacific, was adapted in Prize Western #76, so he was briefly a funnybook character.

As to you, Cap'n: Tsk.