Monday, November 29, 2021


Yeah, it's do-or-die time the Steeger Sale. Get your orders in by midnight! Publisher Matt Moring introduced 34 new books just for this event (boy, does he have eyestrain!) and below are some I can particularly recommend. See them all - and his hundreds of other great books at

Need I say more?

Been itching for this to begin for a LONG time!

Great stories, with an Intro by me.

From the creator of Hashknife Hartley & Sleepy Stevens.

Have you read his Cellini Smith series?

The Master of Men strikes again.

The adventures of a hardboiled cab driver.

From the Tros of Samothrace guy.

Flynn was one of Cap Shaw's Black Mask Boys.

From the creator of Thibaut Corday.

A cool wannabe Kimosabe, with an Intro by James Reasoner.

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