Tuesday, January 11, 2022

DAVY CROCKETT is "The Ringtailed Roarer of the Wilderness" (1954)

This adventure of old Davy comes to us from Wild Bill Hickok comics #17, back in Mar-Apr 1954. It was a reprint, originally appearing in the Avon one-shot Davy Crockett in 1951. Thanks to Walt Disney, it was well worth a re-run. The art is believed to by Howard Larsen, who also did some fine work for EC, Fiction House and other comic publishers. Thanks to Snard for providing this ish to ComicBookPlus.

Don't miss Davy's part in "The Battle of the Alamo," which also appeared in this same issue of Wild Bill Hickok! Click HERE 


Cap'n Bob said...

Every word the unvarnished truth.

Evan Lewis said...

That's probably so. Never heard of them using varnish on comic book layouts.