Sunday, March 6, 2022

The TOYNK Battle of the Alamo!

Today is the day (back in 1836) that Crockett, Bowie, Travis and many other heroes gave their lives for the country-to-be of Texas at the Alamo. I got these five figures (sold separately) ten or so years ago, and they're still fighting. A little googling tells me that four of the five are still available, but Crockett appears to be hard to come by. "Give 'em what fer, Davy!"


Fleet Commander Johnson, Ret. said...

It appears they were once a single unit when looking at the base. Did you purchase them from an individual or separate owners? What's the story of how they came into your possession?

Evan Lewis said...

They were sold separately (on cards) but designed to fit together. Got 'em somewhere online about ten years ago. Pretty boring story as far as collectible toy acquisitions go.

Fleet Commander Johnson, Ret. said...

Thanks anyway.