Thursday, April 7, 2022

DAVY CROCKETT and the "Indian Attack" (1955)


Here's an adventure from Charleton's Davy Crockett #1, dated August 1955. Don't know who drew it. Thanks to fett for the ComicBookPlus scans.


Cap'n Bob said...

What happened to the blizzard?

Mike Britt said...

The blizzard? Editing and continuity wasn't a strong point at Charlton. The money guys weren't particularly interested in putting out good comics, only keeping their presses (that normally printed cereal and detergent boxes) running and turning out any product that would generate $$$.

SangorShop said...

Art by Mike Roy and Mike Peppe. Possibly a story for another company as Charlton bought a lot of stories by defunct companies or from companies who had too much inventory. The only other Roy & Peppe work at Charlton (besides this issues cover) was a story apparently done for Ziff-Davis.