Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Hammett Herald-Tribune: SAM SPADE RADIO SHOW - Part 2 (1946)

Wisconsin State Journal, July 12, 1946

New York Daily News, July 13, 1946

Jackson Sun, July 14, 1946

Shreveport Times, July 14, 1946

St. Louis Star and Times, July 19, 1946

Jackson Sun, July 19, 1946

Jackson Sun, July 21, 1946


Art Scott said...

I have many Sam Spade adventures and have listened to them many times. Though less faithful to the original than the early Philip Marlowe radio episodes, it's my favorite radio private eye show, and Howard Duff's voice and narration is absolutely perfect. In fact, when reading Nero Wolfe stories, it's always Duff's voice in my head as Archie Goodwin.

Evan Lewis said...

Until I started looking at these listings, I had no idea so many of the episodes were based on Hammett stories - mostly Op stories, of course. Too bad so many of them are lost.