Thursday, July 14, 2022

THE SHADOWED CIRCLE #3 - The Good Stuff just Keeps on Coming!

I continue to be impressed with the quality of this pulp journal—not only with the professional production values, but with the excellence of the articles. After all these years, you’d think the last word on the Shadow had already been laid down, but editor Steve Donoso continues to find new and essential material. It leaves me thinking—Jeez, how it is we never knew this stuff before? All concerned with this and the two previous issues are to be thanked and congratulated.

Issue Three leads off with with a bit of fine historical analysis from Albert J. Emery on why the Shadow and other heroes couldn’t prevent (or win) WWII for us. Now we know! 

Todd Severin and Keith Holt continue their Shadowy history, shedding needed light on supporting characters, villains, editors, other publications, other scribes and the changing tastes of the public. 

Will Murray takes us on a sentimental journey behind the scenes on the set of Alec Baldwin’s 1994 Shadow movie—no foolin’, it’s almost like being there.

Tim King reveals his detective work in solving the mystery of where Walter Gibson got his inspiration for Burbank. 

Darby Kern begins an in-depth interview with Michael Uslan, who wrote Shadow comics before (and after) playing a vital part of in the comic book and film career of Batman. 

Steve Novak challenges us to do a little detective work of our own and discover some of the sights on the mean streets the Shadow must have walked. 

Editor Steve reviews a hard-to-resist volume, John Olsen’s The Shadow in Review

And Tim Hewitt brings it home with a fascinating look at the mysteries surrounding the Canadian issues of the pulp magazine.

It’s another great package, with the promise of more to come. Keep it up, guys. You’re doing the Shadow proud!

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