Monday, November 28, 2022

STEEGER BOOKS SALE, Day 4: BOWIE'S GOLD by Me! (and More) !!!

After 16 years in the making, BOWIE'S GOLD has been unleashed upon the world. In this one, Jim Bowie races pirates to Texas and beyond in a hunt of the lost treasure of Jean Lafitte. TODAY ONLY (Cyber Monday), you can order this book and CROCKETT'S DEVIL (an adventure of Davy in the Creek Indian War) for 30% OFF (that's $34.95 total, plus shipping) at, with the promo code 2022turkey30. If you order TWO copies of Bowie's Gold (or add one of Steeger's other books with a regular price of over $20), you get free shipping. (For Free Shipping, your order must total $35 after the 30% Off has been applied.) With two copies of BOWIE'S GOLD, you can give one to your best friend for Christmas

Steeger, of course, offers plenty of other goodies, including the new releases below - all part of this great 30% OFF sale.

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