Wednesday, January 11, 2023

DAVY CROCKETT(?) in "Death Stalks the Alamo" (1951)

Wow. Even the most gullible kid readers back in 1951 must have had a hard time swallowing this one. Too bad they didn't set it fifty years later, and call the guy Davy's grandson. Then it might have made a little sense. This appeared in Indian Fighter #6, dated Mar 1951. Thanks to movielover for supplying it to ComicBookPlus.


Cap'n Bob said...

100% accurate in every detail. Except for the revolvers, train, and occupation of the Alamo in 1827.

Gene Phillips said...

It's almost as accurate as that old Atlas Comics story in which Revolutionary-era figure Mike Fink crosses paths with Bat Masterson, who was only born like 50 years later.