Thursday, March 2, 2023

The "Sensitizing" of 007 - and - FREE eBooks

You’ve probably heard about this. Ian Fleming Productions, the company that owns the rights to Fleming’s work, has hired a group of “sensitivity experts” to identify what they consider offensive elements in the Bond books.

Real soon now, they plan to issue new, rewritten versions of the books, sanitized for our protection. Next, they’ll probably go after the movies. 

At first glance, this decision seemed like simple kowtowing to Political Correctness. But on second thought, it may be a very sly marketing move.

FIRST, it brought the books more publicity than they’ve had in years, reminding the world the franchise is more than just a movie series.

SECOND, fear that the old versions will soon be out of print will increase demand for the originals, selling out those currently on new bookshelves and spilling over into the second-hand market. 

And THIRD (remember the “New Coke”/old Coke thing?) in a year or two the market will be ripe for new editions of the uncensored versions, and the company will have 28 books on the shelves instead of 14. Quite a coup.

Still, censorship leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so by way of thumbing my nose at the whole business, I’ve posted links to free eBook editions of the insensitive, unbowdlerized, REAL versions of the books. Get ’em while you can. 


Bob Madison said...

Bless you.

I've been going on about this on Twitter for days now. This is a terrible precedent and should serve as a warning to writers everywhere.

Cap'n Bob said...

What kind of a degree do you need to become a sensitivity expert?