Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Killer Tells All" - a complete story by Laurence Donovan

From the author of the new Black Dog collection Twice Murdered, we're pleased to present this fine tale from Speed Detective of August 1943. Ex-detective Harrigan is now editing a "true crime" magazine, and - to his surprise - actually encounters a TRUE crime.

You many click on each page to enlarge and read here, or download the story as either a Word or Works document:  KILLER TELLS ALL (Word) or KILLER TELLS ALL (Works)

58 - 59

60 - 61

62 - 63

64 - 65

 66 - 67

68 - 69

97 - 98


For twelve more well-told tales of detectives, dames and murder, Davy and I suggest you pick up a copy of Twice Murdered (reviewed HERE) from BLACK DOG BOOKS!


Deka Black said...

Again, i must recognize you have show me one sid eof the pulps at which i was not paying attention. is very large this world, but i think i can manage a few visitations to the detective pulps.

A deal: I will read a detective story between my others pulp readings ;)

Oh, one question. How was done the count of the words in those days? Today is very easy (a good word procesor has a option for it), but back in those days...

Evan Lewis said...

Some of those pulp writers, according to legend, had no problem turning out 20,000 words at a time, or writing a whole novel in a few days. I would guess it was pretty rare for anyone to average that much, though. I think I once wrote 3000 in a day, but most of it was crap.

Deka Black said...

Well, is not the same thing, but Moorcock himself said once he wrote The Runestaff in 12 days!

Some individuals simply are words volcanoes in constant explosion. Myself (i started to write a few weeks ago), believe it or not, write 1000 words/day minimun.

Some days the count is simply less than 1000 due to various reasons, but is a easy goal since i am ocupied with other things. And, if write more, cool! the day has been good! ^^

About this crappiness you talk about, look this way: You have been able of write 3000 words in a row. And also to know what not write ;)