Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art Gallery: Doc Savage - Curse of the Fire God (1995)


Munk said...

I wonder what Doc Savage's budget was for shirts?

Deka Black said...

Hmm roasted snake!

Joan Reeves said...

I read Doc Savage in high school. Love the vintage covers.

Why haven't they made this into a new movie incarnation? Or are they?

Seems like John Cena or someone like that would jump on this.

Charles Gramlich said...

Munk has a good question. Never thought of that.

Evan Lewis said...

Luckily, Doc inherited that lost gold mine in the Yucatan. My guess is he bought his own shirt factory.

Yep, there's talk of a new movie, though I haven't been following it. Unpleasant visions of the Ron Ely thing come to mind.

Anonymous said...

great covers, especially 1 and 3

Anonymous said...

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