Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood: The Lowdown

When I posted this 1938 cartoon the other day, I casually inquired how many stars you folks could spot. Little did I know that eagle-eyed Art Scott was looking in, and he spotted a whole passel of them. There were at least ten I couldn't put names to, and a couple I didn't recognize at all (including Spencer Tracy!)

Here's the list, roughly in order of appearance:
Kate Hepburn
Hugh Herbert
Ned Sparks
Joe Penner
D. Duck
Chas. Laughton
Spencer Tracy
Freddie Bartholomew
WC Fields
Charlie McCarthy
Stan Laurel
Ollie Hardy
Eddie G Robinson
Greta Garbo
Eddie Cantor
Cab Calloway
Wallace Beery
Fats Waller
Stepin Fetchit
Edna Mae Oliver
Mae West
Zasu Pitts
Clark Gable
George Arliss
Fred Astaire
Joe E Brown
Martha Raye

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