Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Overlooked Films: Mother Goose Goes Hollywood

 Here's a wacky one from 1938. How many stars can you recognize?


Tune in to Sweet Freedom for more Overlooked Arty-facts.


Deka Black said...

:D i remember this ^^

Anonymous said...

I may never have seen this one. I thought Warners had the monopoly on these Hollywood cartoons, but evidently not. I think I got everyone, 30 in all. The only one I'm unsure of is whether the head on Ned Sparks's jester's scepter is supposed to be someone. Great job with the voice caricatures!
Art Scott

Evan Lewis said...

30! Yikes! Great job, Art.

SteveHL said...

Art or Evan:

Who are the three women playing the horns at 6:08? I think the one on the left might be Edna May Oliver but I don't know the other two.