Sunday, July 8, 2012

Art Gallery: Masked Rider Western




More Masked Rider covers HERE.


David Cranmer said...

Sharp covers.

Oscar Case said...

The Masked Rider is sure busy shootin' his way through life. He must have a lot of enemies. That red shirt would be a nice target. Colorful covers.

Evan Lewis said...

The Masked Rider usually wore black when he went into action - including a cape. He's depicted that way on the early covers - from the '30s - but in the '40s they were trying to make him look like the Lone Ranger. P.S. He also has a faithful Indian companion.

Ron Scheer said...

Good ones. Thanks.

shonokin said...

Those later covers were just repainted from other Western magazine covers weren't they?

There was a writer, Orin Hollmer (Holmer) who wrote only two Masked Rider entries; THE VALLEY OF CRUCIFIXION and SAPPHIRE MESA. I kind of wonder if this could have been a pen name for Norvell Page, because especially Valley reads a lot like his style.