Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Saddle-Up Saturday. Ride!


                    1pm ET, 10am PT:     BONANZA   "The Spanish Grant"
                    2pm ET, 11am PT:     THE BIG VALLEY   "Heritage"
                    3pm ET, Noon PT:     THE BIG VALLEY   "Winner Lose All"
                    4pm ET, 1pm PT:       THE BIG VALLEY   "My Son, My Son"
                    5pm ET, 2pm PT:       DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN   "The Healing"
                    6pm ET, 3pm PT:       DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN   "Father's Day"
                    7pm ET, 4pm PT:       DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN   "Bad Water"
                    8pm ET, 5pm PT:       BONANZA   "The Spanish Grant"
                    9pm ET, 6pm PT:       BONANZA   "Blood on the Land"
                    10pm ET, 7pm PT:     THE BIG VALLEY   "The Iron Box"
                    11pm ET, 8pm PT:     THE BIG VALLEY   "Last Stage to Salt Flats"

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Charles Gramlich said...

I don't recognize the episode titles like I do for Star Trek. My bad!