Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today! Robert Redford is among the guest stars on THE VIRGINIAN "Cast Favorites" Marathon

Here's the line up:
1:00 pm James Drury presents The Mountain of the Sun
2:30 pm Sarah Lane presents The Beloved Outlaw
4:00 pm Roberta Shore presents The Evil That Men Do (with Robert Redford)
5:30 pm James Drury presents Felicity’s Spring
7:00 pm Don Quine presents Yesterday’s Timepiece
8:30 pm Gary Clarke presents Duel At Shiloh (with Brian Keith)
10:00 pm Diane Roter presents Nobody Said Hello (with James Whitmore)
11:30 pm Roberta Shore presents The Evil That Men Do (Encore)

More exclusive videos HERE



Albie The Good said...

I have all of these lined up to DVR... too bad Doug McClure isnt around to introduce one of the great Trampas episodes like maybe "Ride A Dark Trail," the ultra-cool character-origin episode they showed recently. I am really digging me some VIRGINIAN lately so this will be a treat.

PEACE, Senor Crockett!

Anonymous said...

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