Friday, April 26, 2013

Tomorrow: THE VIRGINIAN "Cast Favorites" Marathon on INSP

It's true. Tomorrow, Saturday April 27, INSP will air an all-day Virginian marathon, with stars reminiscing about the series, the actors and their favorite episodes. There's never-before-seen footage here, and even James Drury, the Virginian himself, is excited. “They captured more than just our favorite shows," he says, "the stories that came out of these interviews are priceless. We’re all planning to watch – I sure know where I’ll be on April 27th!”

Here's the line up:
1:00 pm James Drury presents The Mountain of the Sun
2:30 pm Sarah Lane presents The Beloved Outlaw
4:00 pm Roberta Shore presents The Evil That Men Do
5:30 pm James Drury presents Felicity’s Spring
7:00 pm Don Quine presents Yesterday’s Timepiece
8:30 pm Gary Clarke presents Duel At Shiloh
10:00 pm Diane Roter presents Nobody Said Hello
11:30 pm Roberta Shore presents The Evil That Men Do (Encore)

P.S. Forgotten Books will return next Friday at it's regularly scheduled time. Meanwhile, check out this week's FB line up at pattinase.


Todd Mason said...

And, it's notable that the new NBC-affiliated network Cozi TV is running THE VIRGINIAN daily...

Evan Lewis said...

Cozi, eh? Still another cable network I don't get.

Todd Mason said...

Not cable, actually...broadcast on your local NBC's secondary or tertiary digital channel. So, if you have cable, your cable operator is required to carry it...and if you're working off a digital antenna, if you can pick up your NBC affiliate, you should be able to pick it up...

Todd Mason said...

Or...maybe not yet. Looks like KING (you're in Seattle, aren't you?) doesn't have any subsidiary affiliations yet (KONG doesn't count):

Todd Mason said...

Or, oddly, KING is still running the LiveWell network on its second digital feed...and KONG is just running its own signal twice (in HD and Standard Definition). Cozi is meant to go head to head with ThisTV, AntennaTV and RetroTV...

KOMO (4.1 ABC, 4.2 This TV) • KING (5.1 NBC, 5.2 LWN) • KIRO (7.1 CBS, 7.2 RTV) • KCTS (9.1 PBS, 9.2 V-me, 9.3 Create) • KSTW (11.1 CW) • KCPQ (13.1 Fox) • KZJO (22.1 MNTV, 22.2 KCPQ SD, 22.3 Antenna TV) • KBTC/KCKA (28.1/15.1 PBS, 28.2/15.2 Worldview, 28.3/15.3 TVW)

Evan Lewis said...

I lived in Seattle a coon's ago, Todd, so I remember most of those stations, but I'm a Portlander now. I'll look for Cozi.

Todd Mason said...

Not in Portland yet, either. Soonish, I suspect.

Cap'n Bob said...

Rawhide on on every Saturday morning. Not sure but I think it's AMC.

Alas, I'll be at a model show tomorrow. Not sure I get INSP. Sounds religious.

Todd Mason said...

The series array on MeTV, yesterday (and with this series lineup on Saturdays...also, RAWHIDE every weekday and weekend days).

"Me-TV announces an affiliation agreement with Fisher Communications-owned KATU-TV, Portland, OR. The station will launch Me-TV on June 24, 2012 and will be seen over-the-air on channel 2.2 as well as on Comcast channel 302, Charter channel 292 and Wave Broadband
channel 60. Me-TV Network now clears more than 79% of the country, serving more than 122 affiliates."

11:00 am The Rebel The Found
11:30 am The Rebel Hostage
12:00 pm Wagon Train The Jesse Cowan Story
1:00 pm Gunsmoke Stage Stop

"Doc Adams takes up arms to defend a gold shipment from bandits, first during a stagecoach ambush and then at a weigh station. He is aided by a blind man and a wounded man in the battle against the bandits."

2:00 pm Bonanza The Gift

"Little Joe, along with Mexican, Emiliano, are bringing a beautiful white stallion home from Yuma, as a surprise birthday gift to Ben from all three sons. As they make the trip, however, there is an indian uprising and they are cut off from the fort where Joe was to meet his family. Ben, Adam and Hoss learn of the indian troubles as they wait for Joe, when a man, shot with an arrow, comes riding into the fort."

3:00 pm The Big Valley Other Face Justice

"Legendary stockton sheriff harry bodine picks up his guns again when a brutal gang terrorizes the countryside. His motives, however, are not as they seem."

4:00 pm The Rifleman Face of Yesterday

"Lucas thinks he has seen a ghost when a young man, eerily similar to a man he killed in the Civil War, challenges him to a gunfight."

4:30 pm The Rifleman Closer than a Brother

"Lucas looks for answers when recovering alcoholic Micah Torrence returns to the bottle—and turns in his badge."

Todd Mason said...

oops...sorry, MeTV lost RAWHIDE to Encore Western a few years ago. Quoting from an outdated source.

Todd Mason said...

Ah. Outdated (very outdated) info on RAWHIDE on MeTV:

We've got news: because of an exclusive pay cable window, both Rawhide and Marshal Dillon will be leaving the Me-TV schedule after November 30. We are sorry to see them go and hope to add them back to the schedule in a couple of years. Click here for more info about our western classic programming line-up!