Thursday, June 6, 2013

Davy Crockett Rides Again! (in AHMM)

Davy and I were mighty pleased when Linda Landrigan, editor of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, accepted "Mr. Crockett and the Bear" and served it up to the world last May. But we're even happier to report that she's accepted a second adventure, "Mr. Crockett and the Longrifle," to appear in a future issue. Now we can accurately call these stories a series.

Mr. Crockett, for those who missed the first tale, is Tennessee State Representative David Crockett, and a direct descendant of old You-Know-Who. He'd be a happy man if not for the little voice constantly yapping in his head - a little voice claiming to belong to Old Davy himself. In the new story, Dave and Davy attend a black powder shooting match on the outskirts of Memphis, and encounter a rifle trumpeted to be Davy's famous "Old Betsy." Is it really? You'll have to wait and see.

If this Dave and Davy concept sounds oddly familiar, you may have been exposed to one my Crockett westerns, in which the spirit of Old Davy bedevils his grandson, a strapping young giant striving to mind his own business in the Old West. Two of those westerns are readable online, HERE and HERE, and a third appeared in the anthology A Fistful of Legends, available HERE. I've written two more of those yarns, and hope to make them available someday soon in an eBook with the stout and wolfish title Too Many Crocketts.

Meanwhile, here's a pic of someone who looks (except for the suit) strangely like me, with Davy's new favorite person - Linda Landrigan!


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That's great news, Evan, congratulations!

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