Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Complete Dan Turner comic story: "Strangler's Ballet" -or- "The Case of the Buxom Bosom"

This one's from the February 1949 issue of Hollywood Detective.
I posted an earlier Dan Turner comic story HERE.


Evan Lewis said...

Jerry House offered the following comment:

"Could she sue for falsie arrest?"

Shay said...

Jerry -- oh, that's a groaner.

I guess it would take Dan Turner to crack a case involving female pulchritude; as he says, he's a specialist.

Evan Lewis said...

I thought sure Cap'n Bob Napier would chime in on this subject. Must be too busy painting his house.

Unknown said...

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Cap'n Bob said...

I was down in your state for a long weekend and just got back--and brought a cold with me. Just now getting caught up. Being a butt man, I'll leave the subject of hooters to your vast expertise. But thanks for a Dan Turner I hadn't seen before.