Monday, September 23, 2013

TIP OF A BONE by Christine Finlayson

Christine Finlayson, I'm proud to say, is one of the founding members of my esteemed mystery writing critique group. I've been reading her novel, chapter-by-chapter, through many revisions, for a LONG time, and I'm extremely damn pleased to see it in finally in print. (Yes, actual print, with paper, ink, page numbers and everything. And yep, it's also available as an eBook.)

I am so damn pleased, in fact, that I'm declaring this BONE WEEK here on the Almanack. Today is my official review. Tomorrow I'll reveal the Dream Team I would cast in a movie version of Tip of a Bone. On Wednesday we'll visit Newport, Oregon, and the scenes of the crime and other dangerous doings. On Thursday Christine herself will drop in to tell us how this book came to be. And I'll no doubt still be yapping about it on Friday, when Forgotten Books rolls around.

Here's my review from Amazon and elsewhere:

Maya Rivers has a big problem. The entire town of Newport, Oregon (where she had few friends to begin with) thinks her brother Harley is an arsonist, a terrorist, and quite likely a murderer. Her brother’s newly pregnant fiancé is losing faith and in danger of losing her job. Harley’s former friends, a group of environmental activists, are facing scrutiny from the F.B.I., and ready to throw him under the bus.

Maya does not know her brother well. They were separated as children and only recently reacquainted. But she knows in her gut he’s innocent of these charges and is willing to risk everything – her job, her freedom, and even her life – to prove it.

Tip of a Bone is an intriguing mystery/thriller from an author with a fresh new voice and a fresh new slant on the environmental issues facing the Oregon Coast. I enjoyed the quirky humor and quirkier characters, and found the book mighty dang hard to put down.

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Christine said...

Thanks, Evan! I'm looking forward to this week and seeing what's unveiled -- knowing you, it promises to be an entertaining ride!!

Cady said...

Can't wait to see who's going to play Maya in your Dream Team Cast. ...

R L Kelstrom said...

Great idea, Evan. The book is a great NW read. Can't wait for the rest of the week's festivities!

John said...

I'm so excited for Tip Of The Bone week! Can't wait to see the cast.