Saturday, March 1, 2014

DAFFY DILL in "The Murderous Mr. Coon" by Richard Sale (Read it HERE!)

Here's the wrap-up to our nine day tribute to Daffy Dill, coming to you straight from March 20, 1937. Are you hooked yet? I am!


Rick Robinson said...

Yes! Yes! I'm hooked. When does the print version of the story collection come out?

Anonymous said...

Any rumors of a "Daffy" Dill collection? He's my fave pulp news hound.
If soon, maybe it could make the "Bulldog" edition.


Evan Lewis said...

A Daffy collection is long overdue, and it's my hope that this little tribute will help make it happen.

Norman Walz said...

Thanks. Enjoyed this tribute very much.