Saturday, March 8, 2014

Toy Soldier Saturday: TIM-MEE CIVIL WARRIORS

Anybody out there fight the War Between the States with these little boogers? They're pretty crude compared to their Marx counterparts, but looks like they got the job done. 

More Toy Soldiers HERE.


Anonymous said...

I always recognize some of the toy soldiers you post about, but I never saw a lot of the same kind at any one time.

I guess it was because I was a little younger, but I always saw toy soldiers (we called them "army guys") of this era in shoeboxes, piled in with little plastic warriors of every manufacturer and historical period.

Hand-me-down WW 2 GIs were mixed up with Vikings, Cowboys, Civil warriors and even astronauts. Sometimes we'd split them up-- cowboys worked well with the Civil War guys, but leave the spacemen in the box.
But I invented a science fiction inspired background in which powerful aliens drew human warriors from all eras of history to battle one another, and eventually their alien abductors, all over our suburban lawns.

Haven't thought about that in years. Thanks, I think. Nostalgia kind of cuts two ways.

John Hocking

Oscar Case said...

Nice display! You can tell you're in Oregon from all the moss on the boards.

Evan Lewis said...

Stay tuned, John. Those Vikings, Cowboys and astronauts, etc. will be coming soon.

It's true, Oscar. That is genuine Oregon moss.

Cap'n Bob said...

Opie played with these Tim-Mee guys on the Andy Griffith Show once.

Unknown said...

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Cap'n Bob said...

What government is that, "Jonny Cruise"? Or is that Sam Spammer?

krishgeriko said...


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Unknown said...

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Jeff said...

Hi All,

Processed Plastic (Tim Mee's parent company)went out of business in 2005. The Civil War Soldier molds were purchased at auction by 'Wild West Toys' and they offer new ones for sale. You can find them here:

Processed Plastic is now owned by J. Lloyd, and while they didn't get the Civil War Figure Molds, they do have many of the other original Tim Mee figures, including the Davy Crockett Frontiersmen which were introduced in 1964. I commissioned a new production run just in time for their 60th anniversary, and have them available in my webshop and on Amazon: Tim-Mee Frontiersman Figures

Thanks for the great post on the Civil War figures. Jeff (VictoryBuy)