Monday, June 9, 2014

Cap Gun Monday: MARX Miniature TOMMY GUN

These Marx miniatures were marketed in the '50s and '60s in a variety of forms. I have a couple that were attached to cards and a few in plastic footlockers. I've also seen them on blister cards. Some guns were reissued as late as 1974. Most, as you see, are not in scale to one another. This Tommy Gun is six inches long.

Found this collector's set at a flea market some years back (probably a lot of years, since the seller's price tag says $6.00). I'll be posting close-up looks at these other weapons in weeks to come. In addition to these, I know Marx made A flintlock rifle, a .45 automatic, a Luger, a shotgun and a Springfield rifle. 

Thankfully, the original owner of this set did not use caps, so the guns have no cap corrosion. Cap corrosion is an ugly, ugly thing.

Hard to imagine a kid wanting to carry his Tommy Gun in a belt holster, but this one was included, just in case. The black holsters in the boxed set above were for the smaller handguns.

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Shay said...

Remember 'Combat?' Sgt Saunders carried a tommygun.