Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Overlooked Audio: Pulp-Pourri Theatre presents "By Order of Buck Brady" by W.C. Tuttle

It's no secret I'm a fan of W.C. Tuttle (you'll find a couple of book reviews HERE). So I'm pleased to recommend this dramatization of a Tuttle story by Pete Lutz and his pals at The Narada Radio Company. 

"By Order of Buck Brady," from the July 1, 1928 issue of issue of Adventure, begins with a familiar western set-up - two rival range crews coming to town in search of trouble. But Sheriff Buck Brady, like most Tuttle heroes, moves the story in a surprising direction.

The Narada folks do a fine job on this one, and it's presented like a real radio show, complete with tongue-in-cheek commercials. "By Order of Buck Brady," is the third of eight (so far) episodes of Pulp-Pourri Theatre, and you can listen to it - or download it - for free HERE

The complete list of Pulp-Pourri shows, representing a variety of pulp genres, is HERE. Producer-Director Pete Lutz recommends starting with "Buck Brady" and moving forward (due to improved sound quality) before circling back to the first two. That's what I'll be doing. 


Rick Robinson said...

Sounds great (no pun).

Ron Scheer said...

What a great idea. Thx for the tip.