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With an introduction by Richard A. Moore
     Crime comes in many forms, great and small—but no crime compares to murder!
     The floors runs red as Roger Torrey’s classic hard-drinking private eyes sleuth their way through eight short novels and one shorter work.
     With a ground-breaking introduction by Richard A. Moore, presenting a vast amount of new biographical information about Roger Torrey.
     Coming in at more than 300 pages, this collection is sure to find a place on your mystery shelf!

THE GARDEN OF TNT by William J. Makin
The Collected Adventures of the Red Wolf of Arabia
With an introduction by Mike Ashley
     Walking a tightrope of fragile alliances, undercover British Intelligence agent Paul Rodgers, aka the Red Wolf of Arabia, faces off against revolutionaries and foreign dignitaries, trying to sway the balance of power following the Arab revolt.
     Drawn from Makin’s personal travels and peppered with intimate color and background, it’s little wonder that the Red Wolf of Arabia stories were reader favorites when they first appeared.
     Now collected for the first time in book form are the complete thrilling adventures of the Red Wolf of Arabia—over 500 pages of action andespionage excitement in the shifting sands of international intrigue!

THE VOICE OF THE NIGHT by Hugh Pendexter
The Cases of Jeff Fanchon, Investigator
With an introduction by award-winning author Evan Lewis.
     A series of baffling robberies strike the high society of New York. What could be the purpose and who could be responsible for such odd crimes? The agents of the evil mastermind, Henri Bouchard, have infiltrated all levels of society. No precious item is safe from his criminal genius.
     Jefferson Fanchon, Inquirer, has been called in to decipher the events. Immediately he recognizes the hand of his old European adversary, Bouchard. But never before has Bouchard’s influence spanned the Atlantic. Why now?
     The game is afoot as the great Inquirer’s legendary powers of deduction are put to the test
in this series of astounding cases!
     Will Bouchard win? Or will Jeff Fanchon triumph?
     In the grand tradition of Sherlock Holmes, uncover the startling answers in The Voice of the Night.

With a new introduction by Tom Roberts
     The year is 2430. The Earth awakens to find its leaders murdered! All major cities are in turmoil. It is rumored an interplanetary plot is underway. When the same situation arises on Mars, panic ensues. Who is responsible? The ruler of Venus sends word that he will protect the Earth if all its citizens will recognize and honor his supreme authority.
     A defiant Earth Council refuses to submit to such blatant tyranny. Then a second message arrives from the stars:
     Tarrano the Conqueror declares war on the Earth!

DYING COMES HARD by James P. Olsen
The Collected Cases of “Hard Guy” Dallas Duane
With an introduction by James Reasoner.
     They don’t call him Hard Guy for nothin’!
     Into the rough and tumble oil fields of Texas and the American southwest of the 1930s comes Dallas Duane, troubleshooter, freelance private dick and undercover investigator for the oil companies.
     “Hard and fast” is his motto! Watch as he works his way in and out of trouble—both with the wildcatters and wild women—knuckling a path through a series of bank robberies and payroll heists, murder and corrupt officials, crooked gambling and haunted graveyards.
     Here, for the first time are assembled the complete adventures of “Hard Guy” Dallas Duane, two-fisted troubleshooter!
     The appendix includes a nonfiction article about the wildcat oil booms of the Texas region that Olsen covered as a newspaper reporter. 

WINDY CITY PULP STORIES No.15 edited by Tom Roberts
Celebrating the 125th Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft and the 75th Anniversary of the Street & Smith comics. With cover art by Les Edwards.
      With contributions and rare articles by F. Paul Wilson, Robert Weinberg, Stephen Jones, S.T. Joshi, David H. Keller and others.


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