Monday, April 13, 2015

"The Continental Opposite" Rides Again

Recently I expressed my thanks to all the good folks who posted reviews of, spread the word about, or helped behind the scenes with, my new story "The Continental Opposite" (that's HERE).

I'm pleased to add another name to that list. Derringer Award-winning mystery writer Robert Lopresti has posted a blush-inducing review of the tale on his blog, Little Big Crimes (you'll find that HERE). Mr. Lopresti is the author of more than 50 short stories, thirteen of which - featuring his curmudgeonly fictional mystery writer Leopold Shanks - are included in the collection Shanks on Crime, and the novel Such a Killing Crime.

I wish to state categorically that Mr. Lopresti and I have never met (though we did brush shoulders three years ago in the May 2012 AHMM), we are not related by blood or marriage, and no money has passed between us. (But after that kind review, Robert, rest assured the check is in the mail.)

A lengthy free preview of "The Continental Opposite" is still playing on The Mystery Place site (HERE), and eCopies of the magazine are offered by Amazon (HERE), B&N (HERE), Google Play (HERE) and Magzter (HERE).


Charles Gramlich said...

very cool!

Rick Robinson said...

Excellent. I hope you're hard at work on the next CO story!

Ann Littlewood said...

A damn fine story. More, please.